Positive Birth Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells has joined The Positive Birth Movement!

The Positive Birth Movement is a grass roots movement, spreading positivity about childbirth via a global network of free Positive Birth groups, linked up by social media.  You can read more by visiting The Positive Birth Movement

A Positive Birth Group has only two strict criteria, it must be 1) free and 2) positive about birth.

Positive Birth Tunbridge Wells is a place for ALL pregnant women regardless of their experience or choices to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth.

This group isn’t about pushing a certain type of birth: a positive birth doesn’t have to be ‘natural’ or ‘drug free’.  Any birth can be positive – at home, hospital, birth centre, caesarean, with or without medical intervention etc.

Often, when women & their partners talk about positive birth experiences those feelings are rooted in having felt they were listened to & given the accurate information they needed to be part of any decision-making process. This starts in pregnancy, and all parents deserve these things and the support to approach birth feeling informed and respected. So come along to the meetings for information on ALL your choices and to hopefully work through any concerns or anxieties in a warm, supportive environment. If you have a positive experience to share we’d love to see you too. We’ll also throw in some tea & cake, so, just come for that if nothing else!

Please visit & ‘like’ our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter: @PositiveBirthTW

Meetings 2014/2015

Monday 17th November

Monday 15th December

Monday 26th January

Monday 9th February

Monday 30th March

Monday 20th April

Monday 18th May

Monday 15th June

Monday 20th July

Meetings are held in my home, if you’d like to come along please email me for the address: louise@callthedoula.com

Day time meetings are arranged ad hoc and are posted on our Facebook Page & Twitter: @PositiveBirthTW

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